Mini Tripod Manfrotto PIXI Smart with Clamp

Model: Mini Tripod Black with Universal Smartphone Clamp (MKPIXICLAMP-BK)
PIXI Smart is the perfect choice for anyone who uses their smartphone on a daily basis to take spontaneous pictures. The PIXI black now boasts a Universal Smartphone clamp, with multiple ¼” thread attachments, which enables its use with most of the smartphones currently on the market, ensuring great flexibility and ease of use in any type of circumstance. The PIXI Smart features double functionality: it works as a stable holder and can also be used as a comfortable ergonomic grip to capture great videos, take selfies and incredible images that really stand out from the rest.

Weighing just 220gr / 0.49lbs, and only 26cm / 10.2in length when closed - the PIXI Smart tripod is the perfect size to accompany you everywhere.

Compatibility Thanks to its universal ¼” screw thread and its excellent stability, PIXI can be used with a huge variety of digital devices: from the iPhone® (with KLYP+) to Compact System Cameras and even entry level DSLR’s.

If you decide to use PIXI with an entry level DSLR please consider these basic requirements:
- Body: maximum weight of 650gr / 1.4lbs
- Focal length: maximum 85mm (standard non-professional lens)
- Total equipment payload: maximum 1kg / 2.2lbs
Please consider that any semi-professional or professional equipment exceeds these requirements. Mas Info

Fotos @ iPhone SE / Sony TX9


Diego A said…
Excelente calidad en general del trípode y tiene gran cantidad de formas de usarlo con diferentes smartphones o cámaras de todo tipo, luego sigo contando como es la experiencia de uso.